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Are you a foreign IoT company trying to enter the U.S. market or a domestic IoT company seeking new opportunities? Our business development program could help you be successful. Our business development consultants are experts in their fields and will not waste your time and resources.  

Our consultants are experts of RAIN RFID, HF, NFC, and BLE, and our approach is simple: we use all these different IoT technologies to solve your problems. Trust us for your projects, we will lead you down the right path forward, not just the path of least resistance.  

There are many opportunities for RFID and IoT in many different markets. We are designing some exciting solutions that will help businesses and consumers to be more connected and have better visibility of all the elements around them. Have any ideas? Like to work with us? Call us.  

RFID and Iot consulting

Are you sure you know the impact that your RFID deployment has on your customers and employees? Underestimating the effect of such disrupting technology can be costly. Our exclusive Sapienza™ consumer research program is scientifically designed to give you a precise insight on what your customers and other stakeholders think about your RFID deployment.